Can I donate books written in English?

It depends. If the book you want to donate is suitable for those who are learning English as a second language–or if it is written specifically with that purpose in mind–then it is possible we will accept it. Please email us here if you are considering donating English books: librarymission@gmail.com

If I want to donate books, where do I send them?

Donated books will need to be sent to Aurora, IL. We are more than willing to work with you on this matter. For an exact address, please send us a request via email. In the future it may be possible to send the books directly to Nicaragua.

Is the Library Mission a recognized non-profit organization?

The Library Mission has not applied for non-profit status as of now, mainly for two reasons. First, the Library Mission is in its early stages and would not benefit much from the status right now. Secondly, we have not applied because that is a big process, a big responsibility, and not something that should be taken lightly. Here’s a great list of things to consider before starting a non-profit organization.

I don’t have any Spanish books. Can I donate money?

Unfortunately, no. Because we do not have non-profit status, we are purposely avoiding monetary donations so there can be no qualms about what is being done with them. The best way you can help is to spread the word and keep checking back; both are greatly appreciated. We will be looking into ways to legally accept monetary donations.

Are you affiliated with anyone?

Yes, to an extent. The Library Mission came into existence because of the impact a mission trip through Ginger Creek Community Church had on one of their high school students.

Where can I find books written in Spanish?

Depending on where you live, they might appear in some frequency in local libraries’ book sales. This is where many of the books donated by Amanda were found. Another great place to check is at your local resale shops–just because it’s second hand does not mean it is in bad shape. Another alternative to a normal bookstore is Amazon.com. The Library Mission actually has a Wish List set up, so you can directly order something that we are looking for.

How can I contact you?

Please send an email to us at librarymission@gmail.com

Who is Maria?

Maria is a citizen of Nicaragua who, about 11 years ago, felt God moving on her heart that she should begin to witness both in word and deed to the people of La Chureca.  While she does not live in La Chureca, she spends much time there and cares deeply for the children and adults alike. She has worked with others to create the school, church, and feeding center among other things.

Who is Perry Brown?

Perry Brown is a citizen of the United States who owns a successful furniture company and is on the Board of Directors of the influential organization Samaritans International. A couple years ago he purchased land in Pochocuape, a rural mountain village, and built a compound that basically serves as a community center for the local people, whom he loves. Inside is a church, school, feeding center, playground, and much more. He keeps in contact with Maria, and they have worked on projects together.

Why A Library?

Simply put, this is what God put on my heart. Practically speaking, you may ask why books are so important. Books are a key component of education, and education is greatly needed to that the children in La Chureca can get jobs and become active members of their society. I love the way it is explained in this video (talking about laptops instead of books, but the principal remains.)


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