Book Donation Guidelines

For an address to send the books, please email me at librarymission@gmail.com

Before you get the book…
Make sure that it really is written in Spanish and not Portuguese or something else that looks similar. If it is biligual, make sure the entire text is written in Spanish, as well as the other language.  Exception: If there is a book written in English that you think would be absolutely marvelous for those who can read English or are learning to, then you can send it. If it is of a controversial or inflammatory topic, you’re better off safe than sorry; don’t get the book. Don’t know Spanish yourself? Find someone who does that you can text, and ask them what it’s about. Ask yourself, is this a book I would want to read?


-Paperback, hardback, library binding–any type of binding is fine
– Biligual, as long as the whole text is in Spanish
-Some writing or highlighting in book
-Missing book jacket
-Schoolbooks (Not ones for English speaking students to learn Spanish, though.)
-Dictionaries and Thesauruses (For Spanish speakers, and not outdated.)
-Collections of poetry, plays, and songs

Not acceptable:

-Missing front or back cover, “stripped books”
Tears in cover longer than 1 inch
-Text is unreadable because of markings/stains/paint
-Excessive water damage/wrinkling
-Missing pages
-If a schoolbook: outdated
-Overly specialized topic (Would a book on the inner workings of a typewriter really be of much use?)

Also keep in mind that the purpose of this library is not to change the culture, but to give them access to more of it.

These guidelines are under development and subject to change. If a book is unfit for any reason, then I will not send it overseas. You don’t need to worry about this, though, because I really want the children to get the books you send. I just need to put this in here so I have the right to refuse a badly damaged book.


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