The End of La Chureca?

February 18, 2010

I wanted to let you know about another thing that Maria talked about, which is an expansive project that has already begun. According to what I’ve read and heard, the government plans to build  to “a separation plant for recycling of inorganic materials” and “a composting plant for organic waste use that may be useful as an agricultural fertilizer,” according to this translated article.

“One of the most relevant components of the project is the socio-economic issue, which envisages the creation of jobs, school integration and access to training. “

Another article says this of the project:

“The project not only provides the rehabilitation of the landfill, but will make an intervention at all Acahualinca neighborhood, a slum neighborhood in Managua where is La Chureca.
. . .
The project will include specific education programs, vocational training, health and business incentives. Plans will be implemented school scholarships for children and adult literacy. “

Some people have already been relocated to Tipitapa. In December when some of my friends went down there, they helped build a church in Tipitapa. I do not know of any specific time line, I simply know that this means there are many people working to improve the living condition and livelihood of these precious people.

Here is another article about the project.
And here are two more sources of information. One. Two.

So what does this mean for the Library Mission? It means wherever these people go, we follow. Thank you to Ross for finding me these articles.


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  1. I found the location of the new La Chureca development. I posted it to your page.

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