I Had the Opportunity to Speak with Maria

February 15, 2010

This past week Maria spent some time in the United States and, with the help of a translator, I got to speak with her on Wednesday. Right now there are 80 kids in the school ages 4-10–that’s all they can handle–and about 300 kids total in the community. Maria said she’s been praying for a library for ten years, and her vision is for it to be a place where all the kids can come even if they aren’t attending the school. She wants them to be equipped to get jobs.

She had a list of all the materials that were needed for the school for the whole year, from books to erasers. The translators, Jessey and Madaline Pacheco have a copy, which they offered to clarify a bit for me. (Right now it’s entirely in Spanish. I could figure it out, but it would take quite a while.) Naturally, many of these items cannot very well be purchased here. Thus, if the Library Mission is a part of getting the items on the list–which I hope we will be!–then our focus will be on raising the necessary money.

I asked if Maria would be interested in having things such as crafts or puzzles, and she said she would. When talking with the group as a whole she said that basic things such as pencils and paper or basic art supplies are always welcome and needed. So, I think it’s fair to say that if you wanted to donate a box of colored pencils or something, then I’ll get them there. After all, libraries are so much more than books, and a school is so much more than lectures–especially in some cultures.

There’s another thing I wanted to let you know about. Jessy Pacheco came up with a great idea that personally would give me so much more peace of mind. He suggested forming a Book Approval Committee. These people would be fluent in Spanish and help me go through every book making sure it meets certain standards that we would create. So, I need to find some people who would be willing to do this, begin forming standards, and then put together some simple spreadsheet that could be filled out to evaluate a book. If you yourself would be interested in helping with this or think you know someone who might, then please send me an email or comment below.



  1. I love what you’re doing here! I wish my Spanish were better so I could help with the books, but it’s pretty lacking. I’d be happy to send paper and pens, though!

  2. I’m happy to help review books for content, Amanda. Thanks for visiting our Mission Team last night and sharing the “heart song” that God has blessed you with for these children. Books made available to them is an investment into their futures.

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