February 8, 2010

Because the Library Mission is meant to be something useful, expect to see a lot of practical changes in the next couple of months. As I mentioned before, when my youth group returns to Nicaragua we will be doing something Library Mission related. Several adults planning the mission trip have been brainstorming how my youth group can be involved in this mission: what are the most practical and beneficial ways. I’ve only heard snippets, but I am extremely grateful for all the thinking they have been doing. Something they thought of that never occurred to me is the matter of cleanliness. Originally, it was the idea to establish two library branches that would share books over a period of time. Aside from the logistical challenges of transporting them between places, the matter of germs is something to pay attention to. It makes much more sense medically to keep the books where they are originally put so that less children are exposed to germs from other locations. In conclusion, it is now the plan to establish separate libraries.

Another thing I expect to be reevaluating is the books themselves. Once the library is already in place on however small a scale, I hope to have communication about what type of books would be of interest and usefulness to the children. Culturally, literature varies. The collection of books may be unusual in the beginning, so I want to want to make sure that it grows with applicable materials. What does this mean practically speaking? I’ll be revising book donation standards over time. It also means I want to look for ways to in the future to raise money that can be used to buy books that are specifically chosen by someone in Nicaragua. I could do that on a small scale myself by having a garage sale and using the proceeds for the Library Mission. Groups of people interested in helping could do something similar.  The Library Mission has a long way to go. Let’s enjoy the journey.


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