Club Leo

November 17, 2009

I have some exciting news! The Library Mission is having its first organized fundraiser of sorts, that is, we are going to be doing this thing called Club Leo. Flyers have been handed out to a small group of people from my youth group for this first time, and the deadline is December 11th. Unfortunately, those of you who do not know me personally cannot participate in this as of now.

Club Leo works like this: a person looks at the catalog and places an order for a book that will be given to the Library Mission. He or she then writes a check to Club Leo or gives cash to Autumn, the kindergarten teacher who is running this for me, and she then writes the check for that person. However, I cannot in good conscience let anyone to mail a check–and especially not cash. When next year comes round and my youth group starts planning the trip I will return to Nicaragua on, there will certainly be something that everyone can be involved in. Until then, visit the Amazon Wish List, look for Spanish books at resale shops and library book sales, and spread the word!



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  2. http://www.google.com/hostednews/epa/article/ALeqM5i2cqgrBl4Ha0BBI-jbvz1CH5_iFQ

    • To Library already in the works?: That is wonderful! Do you know where all those books will be kept–as in, what part of the city? I can only find a few articles on it, and they are rather vague.

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