Where is La Chureca?

November 15, 2009

Edit December 27th: I found a good visual of La Chureca’s location.

You can enlarge the image below by clicking it. As you can see, La Chureca is located directly north of a body of water named Laguna Acahualinca. According to what I’ve read, Acahualinca apprears to be the name of a district in Managua. Click here to view the lake area in Google Maps.

The main points in the bottom left-hand side are translated approximately below:

1. La Chureca has existed for more than forty years.

2. Daily, more than 200,000 metric tons (~220,000 US tons) of trash arrive at the dump.

3. 120 families living in La Chureca are the primary beneficiaries. Although, in general, the number of beneficiaries totals 18,000.

4. 1,500 to 2,000 workers take charge of separating still-recyclable material that is discarded by Managua.

(Image source)

I figured some of  you may be wondering about the specific location, so I have attempted to find a decent image. Here’s what I came up with:

lc location 1

Click the image to go the site I got this picture from

The following quote is taken from the site where I found the image: http://www.ehponline.org/members/2007/10713/10713.html

“The main municipal domestic and industrial waste disposal site in Managua, La Chureca, which covers an area of 7 km2, is located directly on the south shore of [Lake Managua]. Approximately 1,000 persons work regularly at the waste disposal site, collecting recyclable waste for selling. More than 50% of those workers are children < 18 years of age. A thick cloud of smoke covers the area as the waste is burned to retrieve iron and other materials. Electronic waste is rarely found at the dump site. The waste is not compressed, the sunlight is intense, and a constant breeze from the lake sweeps the area. Thus, substantial amounts of airborne dust are generated.”

Here you can better see the location of Lake Managua within Nicaragua:


Pochocuape is another place I have mentioned. It is a rural community in Managua. Here’s a video–not taken by anyone I know personally–of  Pochocuape.

I recognize some of the kids in the video, actually. =] And when I was there, that warehouse was filled with food. The picture I showed of those boxes in one of the first posts was taken there. For more detailed information of Pochocuape’s location, read this blog post.


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  1. […] December 27, 2009 by That Little Notebook I just found a great image showing the location of La Chureca. Thus, I have updated the post entitled “Where is La Chureca?“ […]

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