Planning Ahead

October 24, 2009

Last weekend I had a mini-meeting with David Zinn, outreach pastor at Ginger Creek. We discussed some things, which I will share with you here. You may have noticed the sidebar which clearly states our intention to start a partner library in Pochocuape. For those of you who don’t know where/what that is, Pochocuape is the nickname for a rural mountain community in Managua, Nicaragua. This is the location of the compound, built by Perry Brown, that contains a clinic, school, church, feeding center, and more.

Why make “two” libraries? La Chureca is closely connected with Pochocuape, as Perry Brown works with Maria. Since I’m believing for hundreds–if not thousands–of donated books, then there needs to be somewhere to store them once they are in Nicaragua. Pochocuape, since it is very safe, would make the perfect storage facility for the books that are waiting their turn to be read in La Chureca. And what better way is there to store them than a way in which they are being used? Kind of like a mobile library, the books in La Chureca would be circulated at different times, allowing for a smaller and more manageable collection that can be frequently updated, and thus more interesting.

Another thing I learned were some plans for December and January. It’s my church’s goal (as of now) to bring up Perry and Maria those months, respectively. Once they are in town I will have a chance to be in a meeting with them and figure out more logistics. Until then, we hope to send several books to Maria with the mission trip in January. Then she can introduce the idea of a library, inform them on how one works, and generally generate interest. This will give her a testing period to discover things she needs to run the library that wouldn’t have been thought of otherwise.

We hope to have the whole thing in full swing by summertime.


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