Moving Forward

September 28, 2009

Today I got a chance to share a little bit of the lists I’ve been making with my youth group. (They are the people I went to Nicaragua with.) They agreed to start collecting books as they come across them and to help me as soon as I have gotten a few more things done.

What I need to do right now is get a contact to communicate between me and Maria. Until then, I’m going to start making guidelines for book donations. For example, we will accept used books gladly, but they need to be in good condition. I’ll have to make more specific definitions of good. In addition, we need a mission statement and form letters that we can forward on to teachers, publishers, libraries, friends, ect. When I get that together I’ll be putting it here so you can use it, as well. =]

Also, I realize that we may get books that for some reason cannot be brought to Nicaragua. I want to find a local organization that could use those books. This way, I will be able to assure you that all the books donated are going to underprivileged kids.


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