Who am I?

September 26, 2009

For those of you who do not know me in person, I’ll start this out by telling you a little bit about myself, and why I have decided to adopt this mission.

Well, my name is Amanda and I am currently 17. This past July I went with a group of friends from my youth group to Perry Brown’s compound, where we slept and spent most of our free time. During two of our days in Managua we visited La Chureca. While information varies from source to source, some basic information stays the same: La Chureca is the city dump, and people live there. Wikipedia confirms what I saw in person: “Men, women, and children work daily despite the smoke rising from constantly-burning trash.”

I believe it was 11 years ago when a wonderful woman named Maria began to visit La Chureca daily to help the people as a witness of God’s love for them. Because God does love them. For those of you who have different views of God than myself, I’ll put it this way–these people are unique, deep, and valuable just like yourself.

Over time, a small school, feeding center in partnership with Feed My Starving Children (www.fmsc.org), and a small church have come into existence within La Chureca. However, the school is too small to educate all the children who want to attend. I have been trying to get someone to tell me the exact number, but what I think was said is 60 children attend and 300 want to. I’ll let you know as soon as I find the definite numbers. In any event, it remains that these children want to learn and they lack books. I love books, and tend to take their availability for granted. My goal is to put a library in La Chureca that not only benefits the children, but the adults as well.

I’ll be posting some more soon. Until then, check out Feed My Starving Children’s website at http://www.fmsc.org.



  1. Hi my name is Massielle and i Live here in Managua i would like to volunteer to help these kids, but I do not know where to go or who to contact. I have not been able to find a local phone number or an address if you know of any information please let me know ASAP.

    Sincerely, Massielle Villanueva

    • Hello Massielle,
      I will find some contact information for you. What I have right now is Maria’s facebook page and publicly listed contact information for Perry Brown: Perry Brown
      8225 Lancaster Hwy
      Waxhaw, NC 28173-9419
      (704) 843-3468

      Someone else you could contact is Marcia Williamson, Global Missions Director for my home church. She is in Nicaragua now and will be there for a few months. Click here for the contact page.

      I’m very grateful for your reply. God bless,

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